Tree Shear


  • The Legend Tree Shears are designed to shear trees up to 14” in diameter* and will couple with your equipment with a standard skid loader mounting plate. The serrated teeth-edge design gives the Legend Tree Shears a strong, grapple-like feature to pick up and remove debris. These teeth also hold the tree securely during the cutting cycle allowing all of the machine’s hydraulic power to focus on cutting the tree. A single shearing blade made from 1” T1 provides low cost maintenance for many years of hard use.
  • The shear is designed with the shear being flush to the ground.  Major pivot points are machined and greasable for long life and being made from high tensile steel ensures longevity.  Single blade shearing promotes the tree to fall in the direction of the blades travel.  The heavy duty fence provides pushing power and protection for the operator.
  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Shearing limit on the top line hardwoods may be reduced depending on wood type.


Model 33000
Overall Width 62″
Overall Height 49″
Overall Depth 48″
Shear Jaw Thickness 1″ Grade 50
Grip Teeth Thickness 3/4″ Grade 50
Cylinder 5″ Bore, 2″ Rod
Cutting Edge 1″ T1 Steel
Weight 934 lbs.